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Grammar Mistakes- Everyday errors

1. It’s or Its Example Mistake: The spider spun it’s web.  Its a very beautiful web.   Tip: “Its”,  without an apostrophe, is the possessive version of a pronoun. In the above example, we should use the possessive “its” to talk about the spider’s web because the web belongs to the spider. “ It’s” with apostrophe is …

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Items You Will Need On Campus As A Fresh Student

Congratulation to all fresh students who have made it to the tertiary institutions across the country I take this opportunity to welcome all the students admitted into various programmes. Packing to campus can be very disturbing as a fresher. Usually, its confusing knowing what to send and what not to …

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After the Fulanis systematically captured and made Ilorin their territory, they sacked the old Oyo Empire in 1835/1636 . They were still not satisfied with their victory; they wished to extend their rule deep into the heart of Yoruba land. Thus in 1840, they set to capture Osogbo , a …

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