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We tolerated Oman FM because we believe in democracy – Sammy Gyamfi condemns NCA shutdowns

National Communication Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has castigated the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for showcasing without any iota of shame, clear intolerance and disrespect for the democratic process by shutting down some two radio stations believed to be Pro NDC through the National Communications Authority.

Mr. Gyamfi noted that the closure of Radio Gold and Radio XYZ and moreso the manner in which it was done indicates beyond doubt that the NPP is bent on ‘getting rid’ in any way possible, of persons who are critical of the government and its wrongdoings.

Speaking to Ghanaweb on the sidelines of a vigil held by party members following the shutdown, he referenced the then NDC government and how tolerant they were of Pro NPP media house; Oman FM regardless of how many times they were criticized and or bashed.

He therefore is surprised he maintained, about the fact that the ruling government cannot take same when they are being put on the spot.

“What has happened is a clear case of injustice, what has happened is unfair and we musnt keep quiet because it is radio gold or radio XYZ. We when we were in power, tolerated Oman FM, not because we liked or enjoyed what they did, we had serious issues with some of the things they did when we were in office but because we believed in democracy, we gave them that space, we never made an attempt to shut Oman FM down. Why can’t they do same? Why can’t they tolerate divergence?”, he quizzed.

“This is not about the NDC, what is bad is bad, nobody can justify or defend it, look at the manner in which this shut down was carried out, why in this day and age, in democratic Ghana, government officials in the company of armed security personnel besiege a radio station and close that radio station down at a time when that radio station is providing live coverage of a meeting of the council of Elders of the largest opposition party in the country, are we in Lybia, are we in Afghanistan, are we in Syria, are we being ruled by tyrants?”.

While touting the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ledzokuku Constituency, Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye for his nationalistic-based comments he passed regarding the closure of two radio stations, he urged that all members of the NPP learn from their colleague and allow fairness to prevail.

*Source: reportghana.com*

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