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Celestine Donkor provided graphic details of her experience working as a housemaid.



Celestine Donkor provided visual details of her experience working as a housemaid.

Celestine Donkor, a gospel performer from Ghana, has shocked many internet users by sharing some information about her life before fame. She spoke about her trials as a young woman and the difficulties life threw her in an interview with Rainbow Radio.

Making ends meet was a challenge for Celestine and her family because, in her own words, she hailed from a low-income family.

As a stay-in househelp, a young Celestine was forced to live with others. The musician claimed that some of the people she stayed with were considerate. While she was being treated horribly by others.

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She spoke out: I was treated quite well by a few of the people I stayed with. I was adopted by them as their own daughter. There was no sense of being an outsider. Others, though, made me feel rejected and less human;

She went on to say that one of the women she stayed with would refuse to give her food when she was starving and would have her perform unbelievable deeds in exchange for food.

The gospel singer disclosed the difficult facts of her own struggles in order to inspire young people to persevere in the face of challenges that may come their way. Celestine is currently one of the biggest gospel performers in Ghana and is prospering financially.

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Essien John who is famously known as Joey Slym is a young Ghanaian man who does Afro Highlife. He hails from Central region,Cape Coast South to be precised but now in Takoradi.

According to him, he discovered his talent when he was in senior high school, music runs through his family as well. The youngster is mostly motivated by nature but dislikes people who are hypocrite.

He has 4 singles and 1 feature out there. He sang Cynderella, Wokw3 Moko, Bouncer and Adannma. He is on all the social media platforms as Joey Slym.

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Amerado announces getting married




Amerado announces getting married

Ghanaian rapper Amerado has announced getting married after releasing his much anticipated maiden album God Is Never Asleep (G.I.N.A) on October 25.

His Instagram post stated: “getting married after GINA” GINA is out tomorrow.

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While internet users have exhibited an increased curiosity in the identity of the artist’s future spouse, some have theorized that it might be Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known by her stage name Delay, a TV host and radio presenter.

While some have claimed this, others have criticized his tweet as an attempt to promote his new album.

Amerado expressed his appreciation for Delay in a song he wrote in May of this year, saying that it would be wrong for him to quit the esteemed broadcaster for American diva Rihanna.

The rapper Delay is endearing in the song “Obiaa boa,” which was published on May 13, 2022.

The sound engineers Two Bars, Tubhani, ItzJoeBeatz, and ItzCJ Madeit produced the ten-track album G.I.N.A, which included the songs Nyame Dada, No Stress, Grace, Got You, Pay Me, 666, Back To Sender, Black Change, You Are The One, and Hahaha.

The album features Efya, Epixode, Fameye, Lasmid, Eno Barony, Simba, and Laioung among other artists.

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