I Will Build Auditoriums In All 16 Regions If Appointed Minister Of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts – Osarfo Anthony

Creative writer and an ardent gatekeeper of the creative industry with multiple awards, Osarfo Anthony last Saturday disclosed on Aben FM’s  Showbiz Review with King Solar that if he ever had the chance to be the minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts, he will build auditoriums in all the 16 regions of Ghana.

Expanciating his point, he categorically analysed that because there are fewer auditoriums, it has made the business of creativity, culture and tourism retarded. He issued that  if there are no or few  auditoriums in the country, it makes it difficult for creative minds to exploit their creative wares and services to us citizens and the world at large to patronize. He said if he is given a go, he will build state of the art auditoriums in all the regions of our country.

On his second note, he said he will tackle the matter of easy digitization of the industry. Digitization has been a serious worry in almost all aspects of the total populace of industries in Ghana. Undoubtedly, it is a major factor killing the movie industry in Ghana here. Osarfo Anthony stressed that it will be his priority to help immensely digitize all our operations in the Tourism, Culture and Creative Industry.

When ending his note, he was asked if he will vouch for anyone he deems fit and proper to occupy the seat, Osarfo Anthony said, he thinks all those brought up by the industry for the position are good to go.

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