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Chief sentenced to death by hanging



Chief sentenced to death by hanging for ordering the killing of a boy accused of witchcraft

An 82-year-old chief with 12 wives and 60 kids was given the death penalty by hanging for ordering and supervising the murder of a little boy who was accused of practicing magic.

According to sources, Chief Essien Matthew Odiong received his sentence on Friday, August 12, 2022, from Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State High Court, presided over by Justice Edem Akpan.

Before his trial and the subsequent sentencing, he served as the village chief of Efen Ibom in the state’s Ika Local Government Area.

According to reports, the elderly man was put on trial on four counts of conspiracy, leading an illegal trial by torture, stealing a motorcycle, and murdering the motorcycle’s owner, one Udoma Udo Ubom.

He was found guilty by the court of giving the dead a chemical substance, which resulted in his death on April 26, 2017.

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According to Justice Edem Akpan, “the admission of the trial process and the decision of the Efen Clan Council to administer oath on the deceased, has logically brought to the conclusion that a plastic bath on the late Udoma Akpan Udo Ubom’s head and injecting some chemical substance through a syringe into his buttocks by the village head, caused the death of the deceased.”

The late Udoma Udo Ubom’s brother had accused him of witchcraft and reported him to the village chief.

The Ubom was called before Chief Essien Matthew Odiong’s Council of Elders and forced to take an oath to prove his innocence.

Under the supervision of the chief, the Ubom was administered the lethal injections after taking the oath.

“The monarch fled the Village in 2017 and returned in 2019, when he was apprehended by the Police, having sensed the repercussions of his unlawful behavior.

The law has relieved the prosecution of the burden to prove the offence of conspiracy, the court ruled. “The accused had voluntarily admitted that he sat at Efen Clan Council with five other village heads and members of the Clan Council to try the deceased on the allegation of witchcraft,” the court said.

According to the court’s ruling, Chief Essien Matthew Odiong must be executed by hanging as the ultimate penalty for murder.

The punishment also includes three years in prison for conspiring to perpetrate the crime with the elders of his council, who are rumored to be at large, as well as seven years in prison for ordering an illegitimate trial by torture.

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The SRC President of Ghana Law School has been sacked




The SRC President of Ghana Law School has been sacked

Wisdom Victor Kutor, the president of the Ghana School of Law’s Student Representative Council (SRC), is in danger of being removed after it was suggested that he be impeached for financial irregularities.

Before the full scope of the decision was made, the SRC Legal Committee judged him guilty of money theft, misuse of office, and conflict of interest, among other claims.

He was charged with illegally purchasing a car from his employer for the SRC and another one for himself.

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Additionally, Mr. Kutor was charged with operating an SRC-owned Mobile Money business under his firm name and misusing the profits for personal purposes.

And if that weren’t enough, it was claimed that the SRC President had unilaterally decided which members of the SRC would travel abroad and had chosen them all by themselves.

Mr. Kutor has, however, refuted all of the accusations made against him.

The committee assembled by the Ghana School of Law came to the conclusion that Mr. Kutor prioritized his personal interests over the responsibilities of the Ghana School of Law SRC based on the evidence discovered to substantiate the alleged financial wrongdoing.

The committee suggested that Mr. Kutor be removed from his position as SRC president in accordance with the prescribed legal procedure, and it urged the imposition of the appropriate disciplinary sanctions due to the breach of his fiduciary obligations and presidential oath.

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Monkeypox disease: Ghana records 84 confirmed cases and four deaths




Monkeypox disease: Ghana records 84 confirmed cases and four deaths

Ghana has confirmed 84 cases of Monkeypox diseases as of September 6, 2022, with Greater Accra Region recording the highest number for both suspected (191) and confirmed (51) cases.

As of September 6, 2022, Ghana had 84 confirmed instances of monkeypox disease, with the Greater Accra Region having the largest number of both suspected (191) and confirmed (51) cases.

Around addition, 535 suspected cases have been reported in the nation, spanning 38 districts and resulting in four fatalities—two in the Upper East and one each in the Greater Accra and Central Regions.

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This information was provided during a free online webinar (webinar) session on emerging viral infections and diseases with a focus on the monkeypox virus by Dr. Henry Nagai, the Chief of Party and Public Health Physician at the JSI Research and Training Institute, who also spoke on Ghana’s perspective.

The Global VAX Project is being implemented by the JSI in partnership with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in specific regions of the nation as part of USAID’s strengthening the Care Continuum Project.

The four-hour webinar was organized by the WHO Regional Office for Africa with the aim of supporting the continental response by promoting proactive steps from African leadership to combat the monkeypox pandemic, among other goals.

In the Western, Western North, and Ahafo Regions, the JSI and its implementing partners will use their current network to mobilize persons aged 15 and older, pregnant women, people living with HIV, people with disabilities, and migrant populations to obtain COVID-19 vaccines.

In a breakdown, Dr. Nagai explained 51 cases of the Monkeypox disease were recorded among males, constituting 60.7 per cent, saying the national case fatality rate also stood at 4.8 per cent.

So far, Bono region has recorded 16 suspected cases, Ahafo region (nine) suspected cases, Ashanti region (69) suspected cases, Bono East region (15) suspected cases, Central region (15) suspected cases, Eastern region (48) suspected cases and North-East region (four) suspected cases.

Northern region has recorded 24 suspected cases, Oti region (seven), Savannah region (seven), Upper East region (43), Upper West region (25), Volta Region (18), Western Region (11) and Western North region (3) suspected cases.

Dr Nagai said “some communities feel the Monkeypox is derogatory” and called on the WHO to consider changing the name of the disease to stem stigmatization and discrimination.

“WHO must listen, work hard and change the name of the disease now”, he stated, and lauded the contributions of the GHS and its partners for the support towards the fight against Monkeypox in the country.



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