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Chief sentenced to death by hanging



Chief sentenced to death by hanging for ordering the killing of a boy accused of witchcraft

An 82-year-old chief with 12 wives and 60 kids was given the death penalty by hanging for ordering and supervising the murder of a little boy who was accused of practicing magic.

According to sources, Chief Essien Matthew Odiong received his sentence on Friday, August 12, 2022, from Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State High Court, presided over by Justice Edem Akpan.

Before his trial and the subsequent sentencing, he served as the village chief of Efen Ibom in the state’s Ika Local Government Area.

According to reports, the elderly man was put on trial on four counts of conspiracy, leading an illegal trial by torture, stealing a motorcycle, and murdering the motorcycle’s owner, one Udoma Udo Ubom.

He was found guilty by the court of giving the dead a chemical substance, which resulted in his death on April 26, 2017.

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According to Justice Edem Akpan, “the admission of the trial process and the decision of the Efen Clan Council to administer oath on the deceased, has logically brought to the conclusion that a plastic bath on the late Udoma Akpan Udo Ubom’s head and injecting some chemical substance through a syringe into his buttocks by the village head, caused the death of the deceased.”

The late Udoma Udo Ubom’s brother had accused him of witchcraft and reported him to the village chief.

The Ubom was called before Chief Essien Matthew Odiong’s Council of Elders and forced to take an oath to prove his innocence.

Under the supervision of the chief, the Ubom was administered the lethal injections after taking the oath.

“The monarch fled the Village in 2017 and returned in 2019, when he was apprehended by the Police, having sensed the repercussions of his unlawful behavior.

The law has relieved the prosecution of the burden to prove the offence of conspiracy, the court ruled. “The accused had voluntarily admitted that he sat at Efen Clan Council with five other village heads and members of the Clan Council to try the deceased on the allegation of witchcraft,” the court said.

According to the court’s ruling, Chief Essien Matthew Odiong must be executed by hanging as the ultimate penalty for murder.

The punishment also includes three years in prison for conspiring to perpetrate the crime with the elders of his council, who are rumored to be at large, as well as seven years in prison for ordering an illegitimate trial by torture.

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A 21-Year-Old Soldier Man Dies At Ashiaman.




A soldier belonging to the 3rd Battalion Infantry in Sunyani has been murdered in Tafia, a suburb of Ashaiman, in the Greater Accra region, on Friday, 3rd March 2023.

Imoro Sheriff, a 21-year-old boy was allegedly killed by a gang after he visited his girlfriend in the area.

Imoro, whose position could not be immediately verified, was attacked with knives and other weapons, immediately after leaving the girl­friend’s home.

It was said that Imoro usually visits his girlfriend anytime he goes to Ashaiman where he was born and raised.

When the Ghanaian Times visited the family home of Imoro, at Zongolika, a suburb of Ashaiman, on Monday, mourners were in a state of shock. The father of the deceased, Asa­nubu Imoro, confirmed the death of his son, saying he heard it via social media.

Asanubu Imoro said the son, who was based in Sunyani, Bono Region, informed him that he was attending a military programme in Accra and will visit family mem­bers on Friday.

“We were expecting him. When we called his number late into the night, there was no response. Somebody showed me a video and asked, do you know this man, that was when I identified my son.”

According to Asanubu Imoro, the military and other security agencies have been in close contact with the family as the investigation into the killing was ongoing.

When the Ghanaian Times con­tacted the Ashaiman Divisional Police Command concerning the incident, the authorities declined to speak on the matter, but indi­cated that 13 suspects had been arrested so far.
Source: Ghanaian Times.

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Mother Hangs Her Son and Herself at Ahanta West.




A young mother has committed suicide at Ajoa, a community in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region. Before committing suicide, she hanged her son.

It is currently unknown what caused her to take her life and that of her son but eyewitnesses who interacted with the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, narrated that they met the lifeless, bodies of the young mother and her son in the early morning of Wednesday, January 2023.

“We came to work in the building as laborers and saw the lifeless body of the lady and her son when we got there,” an eyewitness by name of Nana Yaw said.

“She could be in her early twenties whilst her son would be around four years. We don’t know where they come from and we don’t know any of their family members. They are still there on the ropes,” Nana Yaw added.

From the images available, the young parent is seen hanged whilst her son’s hand is tied with a rope in a sad situation.

  • “Information I have gathered is that residents around the community saw the young lady begging for money with her son yesterday around 4:00 pm. Nobody saw them again until this morning when we saw them dead in the uncompleted building. We do not know her in this community so we believe she came from somewhere else,” Assembly member for Ajoa, Robert James Yankey, indicated.
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