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The Gomoa Fetteh Royal Family accuses Kwesi Alhaji of fomenting a chieftaincy conflict



Secretary of the Royal Family of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Essel, has accused one Kwasi Alhaji, who he said is strutting about as Mankrado, of allegedly fueling conflicts in the area.

In a statement, he explained that Gomoa Fetteh is a peri-urban town and subject to the Royal Ahunako Stool of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area.

the creation of intra-family insecurity, conflicts, and divisions within and among the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, particularly Gomoa Fetteh, which has become a den for the deadly chieftaincy conflicts and landguardism in the area.

“In consultation with the Queenmother of the town, Nana Nkrabea Amoesima I, Ebusuapanyin, and Elders of Gomoa Fetteh, it was claimed by the aforementioned Kingmakers that the brewing conflicts that have stalled the development of the area are championed by Kwasi Alhaji, strutting around as Mankrado, yet a non-indigene whose attempt to be gazetted by the Central Regional House of Chiefs.

“Since the late 90s, Gomoa Fetteh has been without a legally recognized chief as a result of a raging dispute between the two royal houses of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool, namely: the Efuwa Akoa house, represented by one self-acclaimed Ebusuapanyin Kow Abeka, and the Maakowa house, represented by the main Ebusuapanyin Kofi Ahomka, for both houses in the Abor Twidan Royal Family/clan.

“Nonetheless, the Abor Twidan Royal family/clan is only one clan with one Ebusuapanyin, but this same Obirifo Ehunako Ahor Ankobea II has certified three more members, namely, Kweku Dadzie, Kow Abeka, and one Kwame Annan, all in the same Abor Twidan Royal family/clan as Ebusuapanyins, creating conflicts here and there among the family.

The Queenmother added that, “customarily, the succession of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool is a rotating one between the two (2) aforementioned royal houses.”

However, following the death of Nana Abor Ewusie XIX, Chief (Odikro) of Gomoa Fetteh in 1999, the emergence of Nana Abor Yamoah II, allegedly a non-indigene who does not hail from any of the ruling houses, but rather from the Asona clan of Dago, was untypically enstooled as Chief of Gomoa Fetteh and managed to get the backing of the highlyThis dispute is what has continued for years in several legal battles between the ruling houses of the Stool until the demise of Nana Abor Yamoah II in April 2019, after which the cronies and landguards of the deceased chief, led by the same ex-convict Kwasi Alhaji, are reported to have launched a wave of terror in the area and unlawfully imposed one Kofi Baah, styling himself as “Nana Abor Atta II,” in a “maneuvering” with the help of the embattled Omanhene, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II,

The Kingmakers revealed that the aforementioned revelations were well known to the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council and other government institutions and security agencies after decades of terror in the area.

Unfortunately, a recent decision by the Cape Coast High Court in a suit filed by the main Abor Twidan Royal family has barred Kofi Baah, self-styled “Nana Abor Atta II,” and his cronies from conducting themselves as legitimate chiefs and custodians of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool until further determined by a competent court of jurisdiction, subject to the approval of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council, which in itself is at the brink of massive reforms. “I recently informed the Omanhemaa, Obaatanpa Ama Eduwa I, of our own commitment to support Her selfless efforts to drive massive reforms that would help the traditional area as a whole recover its distinguished reputation from the hands of impropriety that undermines security and development, particularly in Gomoa Fetteh,” the Queenmother continued.

However, the Paramount Chief, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobia II, continues to face other suits, the most recent being a motion on notice for an injunction praying for an order to restrain him [the Paramount Chief] from performing any duty whatsoever as to the Gazetted Paramount Chief and President of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council pending the determination of the suit and for a further order appointing an Acting President of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council pending the determination of the suit and approach.

Meanwhile, reacting to the accusations, the Mankrado of Gomoa Feteh, Nana Kwansi Kwansah II (AKA) Alhaji Kwesi, said the allegations were untrue and mere attempts to smear him and his hard-earned reputation.

He said the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council recognizes him as the legitimate occupant of the Mankrado stool.

He also questioned why the Royal Family of Goamoa Feteh was not present at the birthday celebration of the Omanhen of the Gomoah Traditional Council.

Registrar of the Gomoah Akyempim Traditional Council, Henry Effah Agyei, who was contacted to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the claims, said Alhaji Kwesi came to swear himself in to the President of the Gomoa Traditional Council, Obirifo Ahunu Ahor Ankobea II, as the legitimate Mankrado of Gomoa Feteh in December, 2020.



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Ghanaian Business Mogul Allegedly M*rdered In South Africa




Intel from a reliable source stated that a 48 year old Ghanaian businessman, Newton Kwaku Boateng, who is based in South Africa has been allegedly poisoned to death by his South African wife in SA a week ago.

Mr. Newton who recently had scuffles with his wife had reported her to his family in Ghana, and even threatened divorce. Suspecting foul play, Boateng’s family have expressed their displeasure and despair at the death of their relative. They believe without doubt that indeed, their relative was poisoned by his wife.

Mr. Godwin Attipoe who spoke on behalf of Newton’s Family in Ghana said “We are so devastated. We are so angry. We are so heartbroken.”

He hinted that after the death of the beloved brother, a case of inquest was opened in Kempton Park, South African Police Service in Gauteng Province, South Africa, adding that “Kempton Park is a City which is based in Gauteng Province”.

Godwin Attipoe claimed they suspect corruption and cover up of the murder of Newton Kwaku Boateng by Kempton Park police station which he claimed is working closely with the wife of the deceased Alinah Mahlangu. Why? Their inquest for an autopsy be done on the victim is being denied by the police service in SA.

An emotional Godwin had to pause speaking as he started weeping, triggering cries among his other family members who were with him.
He further revealed that South African police say they are investigating and awaiting autopsy results after the body with foam in his mouth was found.

He however said “We are giving the South Africa police the authority and power of attorney to order an autopsy on Newton Boateng who died on March 2, 2023”.

He appealed to the Ghana Embassy in South Africa to assist the family to supervise the autopsy on the deceased, which his wife is resisting, adding that the wife of the deceased has not been authorized to represent the family on the issue.

More developing on the issue. Watch this space.

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Abena Odo Donates Items To The ‘Reconstructive Plastic Surgery And Burns Centre’ Unit Of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital





Social media influencer and philanthropist, Abena Odo through her non profit organization “Abena Odo Foundation” has donated items to the ‘Reconstructive Plastic Surgery & Burns Centre’ unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, ahead of the yuletide holidays. It was the influencer’s wish to celebrate the Christmas with the sick and and afflicted.


The items presented were packs of toiletries, dispensaries, drinks, water, food and some undisclosed amount of money. The team was warmly welcomed by management or the unit and thanked them for such benevolence done themselves. The food/drinks were shared on the spot to the sick and hurt.


Abena Odo in an interview with KTV at the premises explained that she set up her “Abena Odo Foundation” to aid people (expecially young ones) who are devastatingly burnt by fire or heat and who cannot afford to foot their bills. Also, her foundation assists alland pays bills for nursing mothers who are left to sleep on the bare floor after delivery because they cannot afford to pay for their bills. She further asserted that her passion towards this quest was activated when sometime back she visited a friend of hers in a hospital and found a nursing mother on the floor with a fresh set of twins. She said it literally broke her heart, hence she set up the foundation.


After barely two years in existence, “Abena Odo Foundation” has supported and paid bills and of burned patients and freshly delivered mothers who find it difficult to pay their bills. The ‘Reconstructive Plastic Surgery & Burns Centre’ unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, confirmed that it was Abena’s second time coming to donate items to them.

Abena Odo at the end, solicited for more hands to be on deck to help these victims because she could not do it all alone.

Watch snippets of the donation from below.

Contact Abena Odo Foundation by this Mobile money for further enquiries and sponsorship – 0593324910.

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