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Queen Elizabeth Has Passed Away



Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the UK for 70 years, passed away at Balmoral at the age of 96.

After worries about her health grew early on Thursday, her family gathered at her Scottish estate.

The Queen saw significant social change after ascending to the throne in 1952.

After her passing, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, would take the throne as the new King and ruler of 14 Commonwealth states, leading the nation in grief.

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Buckingham Palace released the following statement: “The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

The King and the Queen Consort will spend this evening and tomorrow in Balmoral before departing for London.

Following the Queen’s placement under medical supervision, all of her children made their way to Balmoral, which is close to Aberdeen.

Prince William, her grandson, wastes also present, and Prince Harry is en route.

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King Charles III: New coins featuring monarch’s portrait unveiled




King Charles III: New coins featuring monarch’s portrait unveiled

King Charles III’s likeness will appear on brand-new coins, the first of which, a 50p, will go into widespread use in the coming weeks.

The commemorative £5 Crown and 50p, both of which include a carving of the King by British sculptor Martin Jennings, were initially seen to BBC News.

The monarch is now facing left, the opposite direction from his predecessor, on the coins, keeping with centuries of custom.

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He doesn’t wear a crown, unlike the Queen and earlier British kings.

The effigy was given King Charles’ personal approval, and it is believed that he was satisfied with the likeness.

The Royal Mint will start selling the coins to collectors early the next week. Banks, building societies, and post offices will distribute the 50p coin in accordance with demand well before the year is over.

These 27 billion coins will continue to be accepted in stores since they will circulate alongside coins honoring the late Queen.

Since coinage typically endure 20 years, according to Anne Jessopp, chief executive of The Royal Mint, both the Queen Elizabeth and King Charles coins will continue to be in use for many years to come.

The common 1p to £2 coins that we use every day will begin to be produced with the same image of King Charles at the beginning of the following year. They will be distributed when needed to replace worn-out and broken older coins and to satisfy any unforeseen demand.

“If someone has coins with the Queen on them, they shouldn’t be concerned. We’ll continue to use those currencies for transactions, said Mrs. Jessopp. Although individuals are increasingly using other payment methods, they still genuinely enjoy using coins for a variety of reasons.

New coin

The official image and the inscription both aim to present the King in an approachable light.

The Latinized version of each previous British monarch’s name appears on the inscription. The new coins, however, read Charles III rather than Carolus.

King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith is written in full around the effigy as “CHARLES III • D • G • REX • F • D • 5 POUNDS • 2022,” which is shortened from Latin.

The new £5 coin’s reverse features two fresh images of the Queen, tracing her development from a child monarch to a seasoned head of state.

The reverse of the 50p coin is an exact replica of the 1953 Crown coin produced to mark the coronation of the Queen.

Martin Jennings’ first coin design features the likeness of King Charles, but he has also created public sculptures of poets including John Betjeman in London’s St. Pancras Station and Philip Larkin in Hull.

Instead of the King posing for a particular portrait, he created the design from photographs.

It is the smallest piece I have ever produced, but knowing that people will view and hold it for generations to come is humbling, he said.

The official coin maker and Britain’s oldest business, The Royal Mint, relocated to Llantrisant, south Wales, in 1967 to meet the decimalization process, and this is where the coins will be made.

People frequently carried coins featuring several kings in their purses before decimalization.

The Royal Mint will begin selling a collection of memorial coins, including the £5 Crown, to honor Queen Elizabeth’s life and legacy.

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Donald Trump sued for fraud over family business




Donald Trump sued for fraud over family business

Following a New York probe into their family business, a fraud lawsuit has been filed against Donald Trump and three of his children.

It asserts that between 2011 and 2021, the Trump Organization committed “many” frauds.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, is asking a judge to prevent Mr. Trump and his kids from holding executive or director positions in any New York-based company.

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Any impropriety has been refuted by the Trump Organization.

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