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Five Reasons Why You Have To Listen To WhidBerry’s Music



Music is food for the soul, so for your soul to get a nourished meal, you need to listen to good music.

WhidBerry, who couples as the CEO of Avis Records and an artiste on the label produces qualified and good music to that effect. The following are the reasons why, we at think you should listen to WhidBerry’s songs.

1. WhidBerry’s songs are conciuos and themed with real life situational subject matter. His songs reflect life happenings and punches issues on the ground that needs to be commented on.

2. WhidBerry blends both Ghanaian and Nigerian vibes laced with contemporary foreign Afrobeat vibes. Because He is half Ghanaian and half Nigerian, he knows both their music cultures at heart, so he engineers them together to form a unique sound altogether.

3. WhidBerry is versatile and does most genres of Music. He is not stuck to one genre but has Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Highlife, Hiplife, Dancehall, and other genres of music out in the system.

4. He shoots classy but meaningful music videos. WhidBerry does not bring out just any kind of music video but takes his time to release only the best of music videos.

5. His stage craft is marvelously energetic and so pleasing to watch. When WhidBerry comes to the stage, he performs so wonderfully and beautifully that you would always want more like Oliver Twist.

Is this not just amazing for just one artiste to possess all these features?

Just google “WhidBerry” for a nice music treat or follow WhidBerry on these social media platforms:

Facebook: WhidBerry

Instagram: @WhidBerry

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10 Year Old Chloe Invokes The Holy Spirit At Oyerepa’s “Young Ministers” Show




As God said in Acts 2:17, that He will pour out his spirit into all, and that even children will prophesy and minister, little Chloe seems to be doing the Lord work at a tender age.

Chloe, a competitor at this year’s “The Young Ministers” by Oyerepa TV got judges, patrons and fans of the show worshipping. It was just like the pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples.

Chloe did a powerful rendition of Pastor Kwame Amponsah’s “Merensesa Me Nyame Da” last week. The performance that came along with a short choreography got the judges in their spiritual gear praying and worshipping.

One particular judge was so in the spirit that he flowed in spiritual language. The audience weren’t spared by the spree as they tagged along. The whole atmosphere was charged and it was almost as if the competition grounds was a church having a crusade.

Chloe who churches at Christ Apostolic Church in TUC, has since been churning out amazing performances on the show which is fast making her become the audience’s favorite. Her videos are springing out all over social media foras.

Checkout the video of her performance on the show from below.


Vote for Chloe to remain in thr competition and win ultimately via short code *920*55# and choose YM17.

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“Minstry Of Tourism, Arts And Culture Must Tell Us The Position They Have Given Singathon Lady” – Pundit Quizzes




The Ghanaian media spaces were flooded with bliss and entertainment in December when Afua Asantewaa Aduonum was on the quest of breaking the longest singing marathon under Guinness Book Of Records. The move was well supported by all the citizenry, with The Vice President, His Excellency, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, amongst others, representing.

This brought the Ministry of Tourism Arts And Culture, on board as they provided a venue for the competition.

It was alleged that because of the influence of Asantewaa and the reason that she sang Ghanaian songs and dressed Ghanaian throughout the competition, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts And Culture saw it wise to work with her. It was alleged again that a position and a role was handed her.

It is in this light that entertainment pundit and critic, Mr. James Clark has raised concerns on the issue. On the E Chat Show on Original Tv with Aba Guyguy, Mr James Clark questioned the Ministry to make clear their position on the matter. That is to say, if they really have given her a position, they should bare it out, and if not, they should state it.

Watch the statement he made from the video below.

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