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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Iyanna Faces Life In Prison.



Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, could be looking at more than a lifetime in jail.

After getting arrested earlier this week for stabbing her fiancee NBA YoungBoy’s baby mother, Iyanna Mayweather could be facing some serious jail time. According to Bossip, Yaya could spend the rest of her life in prison if she is convicted. Initially, we thought Iyanna had a 10-year sentence maximum to worry about, but a new report suggests that she could actually be fined $10,000 and get up to 99 years if convicted.

Yaya was arrested and charged for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon last weekend after an altercation at NBA YoungBoy’s home with his baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs. The teenage daughter of Floyd Mayweather reportedly stabbed the mother of her man’s child in the arms twice. NBA YoungBoy called the police immediately and cooperated with the investigation according to reports. Jacobs was taken to hospital in serious condition but is recovering now while Iyanna awaits her own fate.

After being taken into police custody, Yaya was later released on a $30,000 bond and is set to return to court in August. Reports are that she intends to plead not guilty to the charges filed against her. While she is out on bond, Iyanna has to follow a strict list of court-ordered rules, including maintaining a distance of 1,000 feet from the plaintiff Lapattra Jacobs and her child, which would also be Yaya’s boyfriend NBA YoungBoy’s child. In addition to that, Yaya was also prohibited from doing drugs or alcohol.

Iyanna Mayweather, who is currently facing up to a century in the big house, reportedly hired Kurt Schaffer to help get her out of this mess. He’s the attorney who previously represented J. Prince from Rap-A-Lot Records. J. Prince, who was named in a recent lawsuit filed by Megan Thee Stallion, is a close associate of the family; he even used to be Floyd Mayweather’s manager at one point.

Speaking of Daddy Mayweather, he might already be working on helping his daughter beat the case. Though we’re not sure he’s supporting her legal aid, and YoungBoy even implied recently that Yaya doesn’t need her dad, it’s likely the champion boxer probably doesn’t want to see his daughter spend the bright life she was supposed to have ahead in a prison cell.

It’s only a matter of time before we get to see this play out in court as Yaya is scheduled to start her trial in August. Do you think Money Mayweather can ‘check’ out of her troubles this time?


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Ghanaian Business Mogul Allegedly M*rdered In South Africa




Intel from a reliable source stated that a 48 year old Ghanaian businessman, Newton Kwaku Boateng, who is based in South Africa has been allegedly poisoned to death by his South African wife in SA a week ago.

Mr. Newton who recently had scuffles with his wife had reported her to his family in Ghana, and even threatened divorce. Suspecting foul play, Boateng’s family have expressed their displeasure and despair at the death of their relative. They believe without doubt that indeed, their relative was poisoned by his wife.

Mr. Godwin Attipoe who spoke on behalf of Newton’s Family in Ghana said “We are so devastated. We are so angry. We are so heartbroken.”

He hinted that after the death of the beloved brother, a case of inquest was opened in Kempton Park, South African Police Service in Gauteng Province, South Africa, adding that “Kempton Park is a City which is based in Gauteng Province”.

Godwin Attipoe claimed they suspect corruption and cover up of the murder of Newton Kwaku Boateng by Kempton Park police station which he claimed is working closely with the wife of the deceased Alinah Mahlangu. Why? Their inquest for an autopsy be done on the victim is being denied by the police service in SA.

An emotional Godwin had to pause speaking as he started weeping, triggering cries among his other family members who were with him.
He further revealed that South African police say they are investigating and awaiting autopsy results after the body with foam in his mouth was found.

He however said “We are giving the South Africa police the authority and power of attorney to order an autopsy on Newton Boateng who died on March 2, 2023”.

He appealed to the Ghana Embassy in South Africa to assist the family to supervise the autopsy on the deceased, which his wife is resisting, adding that the wife of the deceased has not been authorized to represent the family on the issue.

More developing on the issue. Watch this space.

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South Korea Halloween stampede: Seoul crush killed at least 151 lives. (video)




South Korea Halloween stampede: Seoul crush killed at least 151 lives. (video)

South Korea Halloween stampede : At least 146 people have been killed after a stampede in the South Korean capital of Seoul on Saturday night.

During Halloween celebrations outside the Hamilton Hotel in the Itaewon neighborhood, the victims were crushed by a massive throng surging forward on a small street.

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Social media videos showed numerous casualties lying on the ground as emergency personnel and onlookers tried to revive them with CPR.

The 150 injured, many of whom are in serious condition in the hospital, and the death toll, according to Choi Seong-beom, chief of Seoul’s Yongsan fire department, could increase.

He said that the majority of the bodies had been transferred to hospitals, while the remainder had been taken to a nearby gym so that they could be recognized.


All of Seoul’s emergency services professionals, along with hundreds more, were deployed to the streets to treat the injured.

Although some local media reports claimed a huge number of people flocked to the area after learning an unnamed celebrity had been there, it is unclear what precipitated the crowd surge.

Oh Se-hoon, the mayor of Seoul, had been traveling in Europe but decided to come back home after hearing the news.

Following the stampede, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol presided over an emergency meeting.


In a statement, he urged officials to guarantee the injured received prompt medical attention and to examine the festival venues’ security.

The largest Halloween celebrations in years were held in Itaewon, according to local media, as a result of the recent relaxation of COVID-19 regulations.


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