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IS BISA KDEI HIGHLIFE KING? We judge with brand new song with TopFlite



The controversy over who the true highlife king is has been going on for sometime now but what about you the listener. What do the audience really think and who in their rating deserves the title.

Award winning musician, Bisa Kdei is no novice to the game. He’s been there and done that with chart topping songs that got him to tour the world.

His decision to jump on a fast rising artiste’s song mean that we should take a second look at that artiste called TopFlite. The two musicians got into the studio after Bisa Kdei saw TopFlite perform at an event and he was impressed with his vocal delivery.

The new song is title, “Love” and featured Bisa Kdei.

In an interview with, Topflite Musik explained that he treded this indeginous path to help rekindle the highlife fire in the country and beyond. He explained that Highlife was given little attention in recent days.

“The youths who are talented and can sing have abandoned highlife to join other foreign genres although highlife music is the genuine genre for us Africans” — TopFlite, a highlife singer who works with AVIS Records.

The song which was produced by WillyF Beat, was engineered with real African jazz drums, arcade sounds on the keyboard and intricately woven guitar vibes, depicting the old highlife sounds merged with current trend of Afrobeat feels.

Since love is a universal element, Topflite Musik dealt in his song “Love” on varying grounds, the importance of love and how to apply it in everyday life.

The carefully selected lyrics on the song coupled with it’s rich instrumentation, will win all hearts and probably draw people of our nation back to Highlife music.

So there you have it. Your chance to rate who the real king of highlife should be.

Listen, watch and share your thoughts below.


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Ace Highlife Musician, Kojo Ashakan Makes A Comeback With “Stealing In The Name Of The Lord”




Highlife has gotten into so many faces until now. The earliest face is the part that got much appeal and influence on the general populace then and now. The likes of Daddy Lumba, AB Crentsil, Paapa Yankson, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, etc did their best to write history of the music culture. One of the famous amongst this group is Kojo Ashakan who has equally etched in the annals of history.

With noticable hit records like “Bra Na Mafiwo”, “Missing You Like Crazy”, “My Angel From Above”, “Cedi Nya Egye”, etc, Kojo Ashakan went into a long hiatus off music and relocated to Europe. After years off music, he is finally back like he never left.

His newest, “Stealing In The Name Of The Lord” though sounds anti religious is far from that. It is a song geared towards sensitizing naive ones on the operations of quack men of God.

The straight talker is telling it as it is. A fantastic, poetic, serious, uncompromising lyrics to those who have turned the work of God into business to defraud the poor.

Without much ado, I present to you  “Stealing In The Name Of The Lord” by Kojo Ashakan to you. Enjoy it from below. Do not forget to share as well.

Also get it on all digital platforms as well.


Keep enjoying the song as Kojo is almost done putting finishing touches to a new song soon to be released in the coming months.

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Get Ready To Be Inspired: Alinkin Set To Release ‘Till I Chop’




In an exciting announcement, UK based Ghanaian musician, Alinkin is getting ready to release his highly anticipated new track titled “Till I Chop” on Friday, 1st March, 2024.
Produced by the talented Kodacks Beatz, this Amapiano song is set to be a banger that will surely leave music lovers captivated.

Alinkin, known for his unique style and powerful lyrics, aims to inspire and motivate his followers through this uplifting and energetic track.
“Till I Chop” is not just another catchy tune, but a heartfelt message from Alinkin to his fans. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to persevere and never give up on their dreams. It serves as a reminder that success comes to those who work hard, stay focused, and remain determined despite any challenges they may face along the way. Alinkin’s powerful delivery and the infectious beat of the Amapiano genre combine to create a track that is both captivating and inspiring.
This upcoming track promises to be another hit in his ever-growing discography, further solidifying his status as one of the most promising musicians in the industry.

As the release date approaches, fans of Alinkin and lovers of Amapiano music can look forward to experiencing the magic of “Till I Chop.” This track not only showcases Alinkin’s musical prowess but also serves as a source of inspiration for anyone striving to achieve their goals.

With its catchy melody, uplifting lyrics, and expert production, “Till I Chop” is set to make a lasting impact on the music scene when it drops on Friday, 1st March, 2024. Get ready to be moved and motivated by Alinkin’s latest musical masterpiece.


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