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Young Flame’s Hit Single “Side Chicks” Already Making Waves



Young Flame, also known as Blackstarx, has set the music scene ablaze with his latest hit single, “Side Chicks” Following the success of his previous chart-topping release, “V.i.P.,” Young Flame continues to push boundaries with his unique blend of Afrobeats and Afro Hip-Hop.

“Side Chicks” is an infectious anthem inspired by real-life experiences, infused with an exaggerated spin to enhance its enjoyment, humor, and relatability. Young Flame’s dynamic vocals and captivating beats have already captivated audiences, setting the perfect summer vibe.

“I wanted to create something that resonates with people and brings joy,” says Young Flame. “Life’s too short not to have fun, and ‘Side Chicks’ embodies that spirit. I’m thrilled by the early response and can’t wait for more people to groove to it!”

Produced by Rekx Beatz, and masterfully mixed by Joey, “Side Chicks” is already gaining momentum on streaming platforms. As fans eagerly await the official music video, Young Flame hints at more exciting projects on the horizon, including his upcoming album, “LIVE IN THE MOMENT.”

Reflecting on the creative process behind “Side Chicks,” Young Flame shares, “This song emerged during a challenging time in my life. It’s about staying focused and living in the moment, embracing the solo journey as an artist. The positive reception has been incredible, and I’m grateful for the support.”

“Side Chicks” by Young Flame aka Blackstarx is available now on all major streaming platforms. Like, comment, and share to spread the summer vibes, and stay tuned for more updates from Young Flame.

About Young Flame aka Blackstarx:
Young Flame, also known as Blackstarx, is an emerging artist known for his captivating blend of Afrobeats and Afro Hip-Hop. With his infectious energy and undeniable talent, Young Flame continues to leave a lasting impression on the music scene, promising listeners an unforgettable musical journey with each release.

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Joseph And The Kohanim’s ‘I’m A Soldier’: A Song of Hope and Resilience




Joseph And The Kohanim’s new release, “I’m A Soldier,” featuring the powerful vocals of South African lead singer Tazzy L, is here to uplift and inspire.

This anthem serves as a rallying cry for believers to persist in their faith, reminding them of their strength and resilience.

“We were never promised a life without battles,” says Dr. Joseph Opare, the song’s producer and writer. “But as soldiers of faith, we are called to endure hardship, with the assurance that ‘we are more than conquerors.'”

Melli3000 from Jamaica declares in the song, “This we a go sing pon repeat,” as a response to the backing vocals’ emphasis on the words, “We are more than conquerors, oh did you know that?” highlighting its profound impact and uplifting message.

“I’m A Soldier” draws on a rich tapestry of melodies from Christian artists across Ghana, South Africa, and Jamaica. This blend of spiritual motivation and vibrant rhythms is designed to rejuvenate your spirit and call you to regroup for the battles ahead.

Play “I’m A Soldier” during challenging times and let its inspiring riddim lift your soul, allowing the Holy Ghost to minister to you.

Joseph And The Kohanim have consistently showcased their ability to blend various musical genres while delivering powerful messages that resonate with audiences worldwide.

“I’m A Soldier” is a testament to their commitment to creating music that uplifts the spirit and encourages listeners to persevere through life’s challenges.

The single is available on all major music download and streaming platforms. Fans can follow Joseph And The Kohanim on social media for updates on releases, and behind-the-scenes content.

Checkout Joseph And The Kohanim on social media for updates on releases, and behind-the-scenes content.
Listen now and join the fight of faith with renewed strength and determination.

For media inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]



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Akata Kolo Orchestra Presents, “No Pity”




Akata Kolo Orchestra is a musical project led by 9 musicians since 2021, from the Gennevilliers Conservatory.

Coming from various musical horizons, their appetite for groove brought them together around a genre that is funky and soulful, that makes people wanna dance and party: Afrobeat.

Built around a strong brass section, a tireless rhythm section and a radiant singer, A.K.O is ready to make their audience sweat and dance all throughout the night.

After a year on the road playing Afrobeat standards, the band starts composing with the release of their first EP on the
10/27/2023. The project is supported by two venues from the Paris-area
since 2023, The Tamanoir (Gennevilliers) and Canal 93 (Bobigny).

Their latest, “No Pity” is a complete work of art. The short brass sections and snare sensation is so comforting. It takes us back to the 1950s.

Enjoy this great tune from below.

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