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25th Annual Hilal Conference’ Al-Sunnah Muslims  Boycott As They Have Been Neglected



Populated Islamic sect in Ghana (Al-Sunnah wal jamah) Boycott the 25th Annual National Hilal Ramadan conference at kumasi central mosque due to negligence of the national hilal committee.

Speaking with the national deputy cheif imam of (Al-sunnah wal jamah) Sheikh Mohammed kamil comfirm to Abdul Basit ‘ that officially they have not been invited

According to sheikh kamil the priority of al-sunnah Muslims for sighting the moon is Ghana but a
Part from Ghana is Saudi Arabia not national hilal committee. we are not ready to depend on you to sight the moon’ sheikh kamil warned national hilal committee.

He further added, None of our 10 regional al-sunnah imam was invited to grace the occasion, meanwhile we are more than any other Islamic sect in Ghana, we are humbly telling national hilal committee they have done well but al-sunnah is not with them.

*Hilal committee*
The hilal council of Ghana is in charge of the activities that encompasses Ramadan fasting and the citation of the Annual Ramadan moon . the council which is under the auspices of his eminence, the national Cheif Imam of the Republic of Ghana, was formed in 1994, to take care of the activities of the Ramadan fasting, monitoring of other Islamic calendar and in charge of organising Islamic activities.


Bnoskka and Apprise Music Join Forces To Launch IP Zone Podcast




Bnoskka, a leading creative arts business and intellectual property consultant, is excited to announce its collaboration with Apprise Music, a renowned music publishing and distribution company, to launch the IP Zone Podcast. Hosted by Bnoskka, the podcast is now streaming on YouTube, Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

IP Zone Podcast delves into the fascinating world of intellectual property, creativity, and innovation, featuring insightful conversations with industry experts, artists, and thought leaders. With a focus on the music and creative industries, the podcast explores the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in intellectual property, copyright, and innovation.

“I am thrilled to partner with Apprise Music to bring IP Zone Podcast to the public,” said Bnoskka. “Our goal is to create an engaging and informative platform that sparks meaningful discussions and inspires creativity. We believe that intellectual property is at the heart of innovation, and we’re excited to share this journey with our audience.”

“Apprise Music is dedicated to empowering creatives and artists to protect and monetize their intellectual property,” said Mr. Michael Bamfo, CEO of Apprise Music. “We’re proud to collaborate with Bnoskka on IP Zone Podcast, and we look forward to sharing our expertise and insights with the creative community.”

Tune in to IP Zone Podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other popular streaming platforms.

Subscribe now and join the conversations.

Mr. Michael Bamfo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233 24 502 4002

About Bnoskka:
Bnoskka is a creative arts business and intellectual property consultant dedicated to empowering creatives and businesses to protect, monetize, and grow their intellectual property.

About Apprise Music:
Apprise Music is a music publishing and distribution company committed to supporting artists and creatives in the music industry.

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Smoke Ice Music/JayRaw Multimedia Signs Kulli Jay, A Budding Afrobeats Artiste




Smoke Ice Music and JayRaw Multimedia has announced the signing of a new male singer, Kulli Jay to their record label, Smoke Ice Music/JayRaw Multimedia.

The up-and-coming musician, Kelvin Osei Owusu who goes by the stage name Kulli Jay, also expressed his excitement about the deal, promising his best under the new management.

Kulli Jay, the new signee has been churning out a couple of music before he came into contact with Smoke Ice Music/Jayraw Multimedia. The announcement and signing was posted on the socials of the Label. Speaking to the CEO of Ice Smoke Music, he promises that their new signee is full of goodies and that Ghana and beyond should expect something awesome.

Kulli Jay is expected to drop his newest single under the label very soon.

Connect With Smoke Ice Music

Facebook: Smoke Ice Music

Instagram: Smoke Ice Music

Twitter: Smoke Ice Music

TikTok: Smoke Ice Music


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