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EC To Create 25 New Constituencies For 2020 Elections



The Electoral Commission ( EC ) is in the process of reviewing the country’s constituencies to create more 25 new ones, for the December 7, 2020 general elections.

First Deputy Minority Chief Whip in Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed, revealed this in an interview with some members of the Parliamentary Press Corp in Accra, FridayApril 26.

According to him, per information he gathered, the EC would create about 25 constituencies, with the Ashanti region alone getting about 17 new constituencies.

The Asawase constituency in the region, which is being occupied by the Minority Chief Whip, Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), would be split into new constituencies.

The remaining 12 would be distributed to other regions, including the newly created six regions for the 2020 elections.

Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed
The Bimbila Constituency in the Northern which is currently held by Hon. Dominic Aduna Nitiwul, Minister of Defence, would also be divided into two constituencies, Bimbila South and North.

Article 47(5) of the 1992 Constitution mandates the EC to “review the division of Ghana into constituencies at intervals of not less than seven years, or within 12 months after the publication of the enumeration figures after holding of a census of the population of Ghana, whichever is earlier, as may, as a result, alter constituencies”.

The EC, in 2012 increased the number of constituencies from 230 to the current 275, may now shot up to approximately 300 constituencies.

An effort by THE REPUBLIC to get the EC to confirm or otherwise proved unsuccessful.

But Hon. Ahmed cautioned that, the creation of the new constituencies could cause problem in the already congested Chamber’s of parliament.

He noted that, until a new Chamber is built, the current Chamber housing the 275 parliamentarians, lacked enough space to accommodate additional 25 members.

The NDC MP for Banda Constituency said, he suspected the EC decision was borne out of improper assessment on the current situation of the Chamber’s before reaching the decision to create new 25 constituencies.

He further blamed the government, alleging that, the EC decision on new constituencies are part of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) schemes and plots to rig the 2020 general elections.

In his view, the NPP knew they have failed Ghanaians miserably with their sweet heart campaign promises under President Akufo Addo administration and have therefore relied on the EC to support them to rig the election so they could remain in power at all cost.

EC Boss, Jean Mensah
The Deputy Minority Chief Whip therefore advised the NDC, to be vigilant in all election related dealing of the government, as the NPP knew they could not survive the next general election with free and fair polls.

He noted that, it was the intention to rig the next general elections that the NPP quickly removed the former EC boss, Charlotte Osei and her two deputies upon coming into office and appointed the current Chairperson, Jean Mensah to allegedly aid them manipulate the process to steal the Will of the electorates in 2020.

He added that, “even before the implementation of the ROPAL, the government and it’s appointees are travel.


Known NPP man behind killings – Ken Agyapong reveals




Kennedy Agyapong has disclosed that a “big man” in the NPP is behind the killing of an unknown man. According to him, the man supported a “land guard,” Alhaji, to perpetrate the crime. He has therefore advised the NPP man to put a stop to that or else he would expose him The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, in an appearance on Asempa TV, has alleged that a known big man in the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) was behind the murder and beheading of an unknown man whose body has been deposited at the morgue. According to him, one Kwesi Alhaji, a popular land guard, has the support and protection of the NPP man. He said law enforcement bodies could not take action against the gruesome murders committed with impunity by Alhaji because he is shielded by the NPP man.

According to, Agyapong revealed that this Alhaji’s actions were getting out of hand, as he wasted no time in killing unsuspecting people who dared to resist his activities.”The activities of the ‘deadly’ land guard are quite distressing as he could just move into a house, show interest in the place, move all its occupants, demolish the structure, and take possession of the land,” he said. He added that the country needed to rise up because it was heading to a rather dead end as a result of happenings within it. However, Agyapong stated that during his meeting with some chiefs, the chiefs told him how close top police officials were to Alhaji.

He further disclosed he could sense fear in a policeman he called to talk about the issue, but he blatantly refused as he was afraid to lose his job if he meddled in the affairs of the “deadly” land guard. “Despite giving me assurance that nothing of that sort could happen, he still refused to talk to me,” Agyapong said. He therefore cautioned the “NPP man” to put an end to the support he was giving Alhaji or else he would expose him. He also added that his actions could bring stain to the NPP party and that the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and other party stalwarts had really gone through a lot to get the party to where it is currently positioned.



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Prophet Kumchacha Towers Towards Jubilee House




The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries,  Prophet Nicholas Osei mostly known as Kumchacha, has formally declared his intent to contest in the 2024 presidential election on the ticket of the Kum People’s Party (KPP).

According to information gathered from close sources and his team, Prophet
Kumchacha did not just wake up to this fate but has thoroughly thought through it before moving into motion. Kumchacha who is known for his aggressive outbursts on social and political issues in the country deems himself fit for presidency because he believes he being a man of God with thousands of people under his care knows how best to manage the nation.

The man of God is said to have already assembled a team of able bodied men with intellect and drive who are ready to serve the country Ghana. Prophet Kumchacha promises a government that prioritizes the needs of the needy and less privileged.

His team furthered that, the prophet realising the fact that all past governments having abused the rule of law, and lying to power by playing with the intelligence of Ghanaians, he sees himself as the saviour to correct all the wrongs of the country now because he has all the clues and policies needed to reconstruct the nation.


His team also projected that team KPP led by Prophet Kumchacha believes partisanship is the major contributing factor of our woes as a country and the faster we ditch it, the better. They indicated that Ghana is underdeveloped because of bad leadership. They urged Ghanaians to do away with the politics of “NPP and NDC” and see their leader, Prophet Kumchacha as the alternative.

Kumchacha and his “Kum People’s Party” in their manifesto spelt out ten core objectives of revamping Ghana’s economy. Starting by focusing on unemployment, health, and women empowerment. They will then zoom into  the education, infrastructure and  sports sectors. Lastly they will hurdle the affairs of tourism and agriculture into betterness.

The source also mentioned that the “KPP” administration will work vigorously to implement policies that will take care of Ghanaians by creating employment for the youth.

Also, providing the health needs of the people would also be their outmost priority. He said if Prophet Kumchacha is elected president, his government will build well equipped general hospitals in all the 16 regions of Ghana to support the existing ones which are at times chocked.

The source, however, appealed to the people to consider him for the coveted office of the president based on his experiences and commitment to democratic norms.

The team then has assured Ghanaians that they are going to see more of KPP as they have readied their campaign song and fliers which they will release soon.

Watch this space for more updates on this story.

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