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Magic Rocker Resurfaces Into The Music Scene With “Sweet Like Sugar”



Ghanaian born USA based music producer, disk jockey (DJ), singer and songwriter Richard Essien, known in the entertainment sphere as ‘Magic Rocker’, has reemerged back to music with a yet to be released banger dubbed, “Sweet Like Sugar”.

The imminent single is produced by the Dream Team made up of Joshua Tetteh (King Jay’s Beat), Jaden Isiah Berkman (Jay the Ziah), Joseph Kojo Sam (Mr Sarge) and Richard Essien (Magic Rocker), who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Gavali Music.

After a somewhat long hiatus, Magic Rocker who has since been an advocate for indigenous sound is bringing us a product of one in the form of his new single “Sweet Like Sugar”. The song is  fusion of “Kolomashi”(jama) beat, with  a dint of Highlife and hiplife aroma. The song, “Sweet Like Sugar” articulated in Ewe, will be Magic Rocker’s first official single from his upcoming 12-track album titled ‘Vernacular’.

The album will be a mix of, mid to fast tempo danceable tunes suitable for social events. In order not to whet fans’ appetite any longer, Magic Rocker has promised to release the much anticipated jam in no time on all digital platforms.

“Magic Rocker” a three times Chicago Music Awards winner, has paid his dues as an artiste, a DJ, and songwriter. It’s going to be a hit”, his PRO, George Clifford Owusu of Daily Guide, adduced.

He revealed in a chat that “everything is set for the release of the single onto the music market. The visuals will also be ready soon”.

His PRO, Mr. George furthered that, Magic Rocker, based in Chicago (USA) currently has worked with Grammy award winners like Michael Rose, Don Carlos, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Frankie Paul, Sppragga Benz, Ava Cherry, among others. He described the artiste as multi-talented and versatile with a vision, that is to push the idegenous Ghanaian sounds to the world. He delineated that Magic Rocker had worked tirelessly on the new single which would surely thrill the Ghanaian music lovers and the world at large.

Known for his musical prowess, Magic Rocker began his musical journey as a club DJ in Chicago and later ended up at Elma and Company; a children’s television show aired on Chicago public access cable.

According to Magic Rocker, his inability to shoot to fame with his first classic album ‘Back To My Root’ was as a result of the death of his mother.

“My mother’s death came as a shocker, so l needed to put my music businesses on hold while l mourn her since she has been instrumental in my life,” he exclaimed.

After the burial of his mother, Magic Rocker decided to hit back to the studio to start a project he called ‘Finally’.

“After the album creation l experienced some hardship in my line of making the masterpiece so l decided to give the album a different name, ‘Restored My Soul’,” he disclosed.

He declared his readiness to make an impact with his songs when given the necessary support.

“I am poised to make a difference with my music, l need support from the Ghanaian community to stream and share my song and also react to it to make me a household name in the music industry,” he added.

The anticipation towards Magic Rocker’s new single, “Sweet Like Sugar” and his up to come album after a lacuna means fans should not expect nothing but the best from his camp.

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Jay Zain Returns With A Bang: Set To Release New Song “My Eye Get”





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Born Frank Jayzu Kwaw, the acclaimed artist took a brief hiatus from the music scene, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his return. Now, armed with a sensational new track titled “My Eye Get,” produced by the renowned Big Masta Brain, Jay Zain is poised to reclaim his throne as the region’s most adored and influential musical talent.

“My Eye Get,” the forthcoming release from Jay Zain, has already stirred up a palpable frenzy among fans and critics alike. Known for his infectious melodies and captivating lyrical prowess, Jay Zain’s music has always struck a chord with listeners, resonating with the realities of everyday life. With a rich fusion of Hiplife and Afro Pop, his unique sound has elevated him to the status of a musical icon. Now, as he readies to unleash “My Eye Get” upon the world, anticipation reaches fever pitch, promising a fresh and invigorating musical experience for all.

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“Friday Night” is another unique song that appeals to a diverse audience, spreading positive feels that offer both physical and mental relief and it’s a delving lyrics to bring a feel-good vibe that can uplift your mood. We hope it brings a sense of ‘Friday Night’ to everyone who listens to it.”
Song was produced by Dab Beatz and also mixed and mastered by Sambii TSB

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For press inquiries;
Contact: 0201195152
Instagram: Dir._Kai
Email: [email protected]

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