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The Chiefs and People of Ajumako Bisease in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District in the Central Region are demanding the removal of the Health Assistant of the Bisease Polyclinic.

In the Press Conference organized by the Chiefs and the People of Ajumako Bisease,the Odikro of the area Nana Damfo Baah VII explained that, what the Health Assistant is doing in the Ajumako Bisease community is causing more than harm,she always gives wrong medicine to people and several children has lost their lives as a result of this.

We have noticed again that,the polyclinic is well equipped with modern machines but she don’t know how to use them well,the polyclinic is enough for qualified person to manage not this current health assistant.

We the people in the Ajumako Bisease community even don’t go for Heath treatment in our own Polyclinic due to the improper measures o the Health Assistant there so we are requesting for her removal hence we need different Person to manage the Health Facility proper he added.

In addition, some of the People who have attending to this polyclinic under the suspicious of this Health assistant also shared their experienced on what she did to them when they went there.

They added that,she sometimes gives them an expired medicines which is not good to them.

I lost my 6 year old daughter due to poor Health care of this Health assistant so we are requesting for her removal.

She sometimes neglect the sick once giving an excuses that she is going for meetings and sometimes sleeping in her office so we think this behavior will not help the people of Ajumako Bisease and it communities.

Lastly,in an interview with the media, the District Chief Executive for Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Hon.Emmanuel Ransford Kwesi Nyarkoh also replied the Chief and the People of Ajumako Bisease that,he has nothing to do about the removal of that Health assistant in the area.

The Chief can not decide for me,who is he to tell me what to do,did he think appointing new Health Assistant to Ajumako Bisease is like going to market to buy tomatoes he quizzed.

Whether they like it or not,she is remaining as a Health assistant,infact am very disappointed in the Chiefs of Ajumako Bisease for organizing such unnecessary Press conference.

All their excuses were rubbish and there is no sense in it,as a DCE cannot just stand up and remove the Health assistant for the place so if they want anything they should go and see that President him self and share their grievances for I don’t have any thing to do about it.

And am warning him that, if he didn’t take care I will sack him if he step in my office next time.


Ghanaians have misconceptions about Shatta wale-Sammy flex



In a candid interview with Emcee Bebe on Ultimate 106.9FM’s “Entertainment Records” show on Saturday, February 10, 2024, Sammy Flex debunked common misconceptions about working with Shatta Wale. The headline reads, “Sammy Flex Reveals: Shatta Wale is not Difficult to Work With.”

During the interview, Sammy Flex addressed the prevalent belief that collaborating with Shatta Wale might be challenging. Contrary to these assumptions, he stated, “Shatta Wale is not difficult to work with, as many think.” Flex shed light on the collaborative dynamics, emphasizing the importance of understanding and aligning with Shatta Wale’s creative vision.

As the conversation unfolded, Sammy Flex shared his ambitious vision for the future, revealing, “My vision is to let Shatta Wale’s music reach every household in the world.” This statement underlined his dedication to expanding the global reach of Shatta Wale’s musical influence.

The revelation provides a new perspective on the working relationship with Shatta Wale, challenging preconceived notions. Sammy Flex’s commitment to bringing Shatta Wale’s music to a global audience signals a significant aspiration within the entertainment industry, capturing the attention of fans and industry insiders alike

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There’s no vocalist better than me in the history of Ghana music- Shasha Marley brags



In an exclusive interview with Emcee Bebe on Ultimate 106.9FM’s Entertainment Records show on Saturday, February 10, 2024, reggae artist Shasha Marley boldly proclaimed himself as the all-time best vocalist in the history of Ghanaian music.

The statement came as he discussed the remarkable vocal quality showcased in his latest single, “Spintex Road Traffic Jam.”

During the interview, Shasha Marley expressed confidence in his vocal abilities, attributing his self-proclaimed title to years of dedication and musical craftsmanship.

Emphasizing the uniqueness of his voice, he stated that “Spintex Road Traffic Jam” serves as a testament to his unparalleled vocal prowess and versatility.

The artist’s claim has sparked discussions among music enthusiasts, with some supporting his assertion and others engaging in debates about the rich history of vocalists in Ghanaian music.

As the news of Shasha Marley’s bold declaration continues to circulate, fans eagerly anticipate the response from fellow artists and the broader music community.

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