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UTV’s United Showbiz yesternight had a controversial but nice show. The show which was steered by pretty Nikki Samonas, with Bullgod, A Plus and Mr. Logic serving as pundits. Their guests on the show were Coded of 4×4 and Feli Nuna.
The build up began when A Plus subtly suggested that Feli should not take her boyfriend along on a business deal. In her quest to react, Bullgod chipped it in somewhere that, as a musician or any creative, your partner should be able to support you emotionally and more importantly financially. Energies boiled, then the insults came 😄🤭.


First of all, A Plus as a professional pundit, though outspoken should find better ways of expressing his thoughts without vexes and insults. His claim (in fact, it was that of the whole punditry board) that one should have a partner who supports one’s visions and goals is laudable. What is the essence of a partner who although has the capital and capacity to invest in one goals but refuses to do that? It can only be so, if the person does not believe you have what it takes to thrive to the apex.

Feli Nuna on the other side seemed very edgy that night. Everything the pundits said seemed to put her off. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when A Plus dragged his said boyfriend into the convo. She lost her composure and she got angry noticeably. Showbiz is full of inexplicable whims that one cannot control (an example is questions that are asked during an interview). As an artiste, you should learn not to be too emotional and to control your temper on set. On this same day, I met Feli Nuna on radio and I can confidently say she was much composed than she was on United Showbiz yesternight. I may believe fatigue played her so.

Artistes must always note that pundits are pundits and they may have divergent opinions from yours. It does not make them your enemy or something, it’s their job. Yours is to keep a clean posture and balance when you are with them.

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Shutdown Franchise Hosts “Back To 1957” In Minneapolis, Minnesota




Venerated event hub based in the USA, Shutdown Franchise is yet again representing and celebrating Ghana in USA this March. This particular event is put up in accordance with Ghana’s Independence celebrations this year.

As Ghana chalks 67 this year, Shutdown Franchise has made it a point to bring to USA the “Back To 1957” Independence Concert. The show which spans for three days is slated from 8th March to 10th March, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The first day dubbed, “Ye Wo Abonten” (We Outside), which is on the 8th March sees the event happening at the Rumba, 2943 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55408. This is a jam party that has DJs like, DJ Lyriks, DJ Peaceboii and DJ Soundtainer representing. Also hosting the night is KMJ, Patrick, Ogkoko and Mr. Mankato representing.

The second day, Saturday, 9th March happens to be the main event, happening at the Granada Theatre, 3022 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN. The event night dubbed, “Highlife Meets Hiplife” with Bisa Kdei and Kwaw Kese headlining the night.

The last event day, Sunday, 10th March has “Ye Wo Krom” (We Dey Town)” show crowning the whole three day experience occasion. DJs on bill are, DJ Eazy E, DJ Oceeking, DJ Famous, DJ Lyriks, and hosted by JosiEnt.

For ticketing, checkout the links from below;

Day 1 – March 8th 🎫
Day 2 – March 9th 🎫
Day 3 – March 10th 🎫

For tickets and table reservations call – +1 612 450-5490.

Also for further enquiry visit or

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10 Year Old Chloe Invokes The Holy Spirit At Oyerepa’s “Young Ministers” Show




As God said in Acts 2:17, that He will pour out his spirit into all, and that even children will prophesy and minister, little Chloe seems to be doing the Lord work at a tender age.

Chloe, a competitor at this year’s “The Young Ministers” by Oyerepa TV got judges, patrons and fans of the show worshipping. It was just like the pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples.

Chloe did a powerful rendition of Pastor Kwame Amponsah’s “Merensesa Me Nyame Da” last week. The performance that came along with a short choreography got the judges in their spiritual gear praying and worshipping.

One particular judge was so in the spirit that he flowed in spiritual language. The audience weren’t spared by the spree as they tagged along. The whole atmosphere was charged and it was almost as if the competition grounds was a church having a crusade.

Chloe who churches at Christ Apostolic Church in TUC, has since been churning out amazing performances on the show which is fast making her become the audience’s favorite. Her videos are springing out all over social media foras.

Checkout the video of her performance on the show from below.


Vote for Chloe to remain in thr competition and win ultimately via short code *920*55# and choose YM17.

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