Leader of the Volta separatist group, Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) Charles Komi Kudzodzi, popularly known as Papavi Hogbedetor is reportedly dead.

Mr. Kudzordzi who was born on April 7, 1934, was said to have passed on in the late hours of Friday, 15th October 2021 at a hospital in the Volta region.

He was 87.

Until his death, Papavi Hogbedetor was seeking to have the Volta region and some other parts of the country -Western Togoland declared independent from Ghana.

He was on several occasions arrested and stood trial, having been charged with treason for his acts.

In November 2019 Papavi Hogbedetor infamously declared the Volta region as an independent Western Togoland state at a public held in Ho.

He later went into hiding for almost two years and was again arrested on Wednesday, 28th July 2021 at his private residence in Ho.

He was, however, granted a GHC16k bail by a Ho High Court on health grounds.

Despite his insistence that the Homeland Study Group Foundation was a non-violent separatist movement, an attack on the Aveyime police station, the mounting of roadblocks and another arson attack on the STC station in Ho in 2020 were all attributed to him and his group.