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A group calling itself NDC for truth& development led by Assembly Man Raphael Awudu have given stern warning to people fighting against the communication director Kwame Acheampong Bonful, in Prestea Huni-Valley.

Speaking on Energy FM news today, Raphael Awudu made it clear NDC lost elections 2016 because of insults that their communication team placed on the then NPP Candidate Hon. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi.

According to him, they are currently 27 at the moment and very soon they are going to rise up and deal with certain disrespectful elements within NDC, who have sharp teeth.

Nicholas Ackah last week exchanged words with Communication Director Kwame Bonful calling on Kwame to leave NDC if he can’t stay and condone their false propaganda.


The communication director of the opposition NDC, in Prestea Huni-Valley, Kwame Acheampong Bonful, who is the son of former MP, late Lawyer Bonful of Prestea Huni-Valley has taken a swipe at some disrespectful elements within his party in Prestea Huni-Valley.

His latest outburst came yesterday, when, Nicholas Ofori Ackah, one of the NDC sharp teeth babies, who is a son of Mr. Ofori (Big Ofoe), NPP Constituency Financial Secretary and MASLOC Director for Prestea Huni-Valley put out a press release yesterday, describing the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Mozart Owuh as “notorious liar”. The release which was allegedly signed by Kwame Acheapong Bonful and Mohammed Awal ( Communication Directors of NDC Prestea Huni-Valley) did not go well with Mr. Bonful.

In a sharp rebuttal, Mr. Kwame Bonful replied on the hottest platform, political corner, “I Kwame A Bonful decline to comment on this communiqué. I wasn’t consulted. I know nothing about this. My name and my office can’t be used anyhow. Good evening to all members”.

Our reporters spoke to the Deputy Director, who was confused about what is happening. Nicholas Ofori Ackah, who posted the disrespectful press release is yet to come out, as to why he has consistently spewed insulting words to the MCE, and MP for all these times, when, his father is a Constituency Officer of the party. Nicholas Ofori Ackah is doing this in collaboration with Mathew Ayeh, whobecame billionaire after NDC came to power from 2008-16, and now owns two radio stations in Bogoso (Trinity FM & Fact FM),which he uses to tarnish the image of the government and progress of the Municipal Assembly.He is the NDC Constituency Secretary of Prestea Huni-Valley.
Read full disrespectful news release by Nicholas Ofori Ackah:

“It has always been falsehoods, misleading and twisting of facts, notoriously by Hon. Mozart Kwaku Owuh(MCE) and his assignees to belittle the intelligence of the good people of the municipality/constituency since they took over power by capriciously throwing dust into the minds of unsuspecting citizens over glaring projects initiated by the erstwhile Mahama Administration. Notably of recent in our publications are the slaughter house in Bogoso, CHPS compound in Broni Nkwanta and Wassa Essikuma respectively. Thinking as honorable as their titles suggests, by virtue of their offices would desist from such dishonesty and insincerity after been caught pants down on that tangent, but rather in disrespect to the people of the municipality and constituency, have proportionately scaled-up their lies, continuing to insult the intelligence and reasoning of the people in the municipality /constituency.

Lest we forget, as human in our endeavors, “facts are facts” memories, we mean documented memories would compellingly direct you to the facts and could betray you in an attempt to cover up. We in the Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), acting in the interest of the municipality, will not sit aloof to allow such crass ignorant display of falsehood regarding the developmental agenda of the municipality/constituency to go unnoticed. As if their serial but ignored falsehood was not enough, the very embarrassing highlight of these governing lies is the issue of the establishment of a health facility in Bogoso of which Hon. Morzart Kwaku Owu at a sod cutting ceremony on 13th November 2019, made statement to the assertion that a municipal hospital is to be constructed in Bogoso when actually is a polyclinic as clarified by the District Health Director at a recently held General Assembly meeting, confirming the position of the NDC.

Interestingly, this got Hon. Mozart Kwaku Owu backtracking on his statement on social media. Without proper checks his assertion at the time, was not only embarrassing but misleading and ingenuity on his integrity and should not have been entrusted to such an honorable office. Hon. Mozart Kwaku Owu and his counterparts knows better that there can never be two Municipal Hospitals in one municipality and they are aware of the Prestea Government Hospital which automatically attained a municipal status when the assembly became a municipality unless they have sinister motive to downgrade the status of Prestea Government Hospital. Posterity is indeed, the vindication of time and that if you confidently lie without saliva in your mouth, your tongue and teeth will suffer.

At this juncture, it is incumbent to set the records straight now that, admittedly facts are finally emerging. The said construction of the Polyclinic was muted under the NDC government with pursuance from the former MCE. Hon. Robert Wisdom Cudjoe and his able MP. Hon. Francis Adu Blay Kwoffie after an appeal by Nananom to the Late President John Evans Atta Mills at a sod cutting ceremony for the construction Tarkwa-Bogoso-Ayanfuri Road. True to the assurances made, the NDC government included Bogoso to its policy of constructing six polyclinics in the western region.

This commitment was further propounded when ex-president John Dramani Mahama visited the municipality in 2013, at Bogoso park, declared to the chief and people of Bogoso an arranged and procured loan facility from the Netherlands Government for the construction and upgrading of Bogoso Health center to Polyclinic status to chagrin of all present. In fact, by the end of 2016, necessary preparations were finalized for the project to take off, until the NDC handed over power to the NPP that got the project stalled till last November where we were hearing otherwise.

We conclude by admonishing the NPP and their surrogates to desist from peddling falsehood and concentrate on the deliverables they promised the people of this country and municipality. The over milking of the municipal Assembly by Hon. Kwaku Mozart owu led administration as stated in our earlier publication has reached it crescendo and in due course we will make the facts available to the general public and the appropriate authorities for immediate action to be taken in interest of the munuciplity.

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