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Give Me Just The Opportunity, I Will Make Ghana The Cleanest Nation In West Africa In Within 20 months” – Sanitation Expert Wails



Governments over many years down the line have battled with sanitation related issues in Ghana.
Nevertheless none of them including the incumbent government has won the fight against the country’s terrible sanitation.

President Nana Addo and his NPP government have implemented many policies with the motive of dealing with the nation’s appalling sanitation, yet his ambition is yet to be achieved.

Policies like, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s operation Keep the City Clean Green(KKCG),Make Accra the Cleanest City in Africa and many others are yet to be pull off.

As a result an Environmental and Sanitation expert Mr. Don Awantungo, the Ashanti Regional Environmental Health Officer has said he can transform and solve the country’s poor sanitation related problems in less than 20 months.

“If had the opportunity to meet His Excellency the President of the Republic, what I will tell him is, his resolve to make Ghana cleanest in the sub region and Accra the Cleanest in Africa is very easy to achieve in less than 20 months”. Don Awantungo told The Daily Dispatch Newspaper in an exclusive interview.

He mentioned that Strong Government Sanitation Institutions must be established and manned by competent technical people with good qualifications and not just like what we see today.

The institutions must be well resourced and equipped with appropriate tools and equipments at every operational level.

The possessions sent via private entities for sanitation must be rekindled into the Strong Government Sanitation Institutions.

By so doing, the institutions will therefore contract the Private Sector Sanitation Providers to a technical mechanisms and place order for monitoring and supervision to ensure strict compliance.

He mentioned again that the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) program aimed at motivating the citizenry to build toilets in their houses will be efficiently tackled.

He further expatiated that many individuals see sanitation problem as cumbersome and could not be solved in relation to lack of appropriate directions, support and measures in the country.

However, proper sanitation could be sustained if he (Awantungo) is given the nod to take affairs of the country’s sanitation.


Smoke Ice Music/JayRaw Multimedia Signs Kulli Jay, A Budding Afrobeats Artiste




Smoke Ice Music and JayRaw Multimedia has announced the signing of a new male singer, Kulli Jay to their record label, Smoke Ice Music/JayRaw Multimedia.

The up-and-coming musician, Kelvin Osei Owusu who goes by the stage name Kulli Jay, also expressed his excitement about the deal, promising his best under the new management.

Kulli Jay, the new signee has been churning out a couple of music before he came into contact with Smoke Ice Music/Jayraw Multimedia. The announcement and signing was posted on the socials of the Label. Speaking to the CEO of Ice Smoke Music, he promises that their new signee is full of goodies and that Ghana and beyond should expect something awesome.

Kulli Jay is expected to drop his newest single under the label very soon.

Connect With Smoke Ice Music

Facebook: Smoke Ice Music

Instagram: Smoke Ice Music

Twitter: Smoke Ice Music

TikTok: Smoke Ice Music


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Meet Derrick Ampadu Ansong, The Grandson Of The Late Legendary Nana Kwame Ampadu




Derrick Ampadu Ansong, known by his stage name Ampadu Ansong, is a multifaceted Ghanaian talent who has made a significant impact in Ghana’s entertainment industry. With his charm, energy, and versatility, Ampadu Ansong has become a popular figure in showbiz circles. From his early years in the bustling capital city of Accra.

Ampadu Ansong has proven his ability to captivate audiences and create memorable experiences. In this article, we will delve into his background, career, and contributions to the world of Ghanaian entertainment.

Derrick Ampadu Ansong who is the Grandson of the legendary musician The Late Nana Ampadu, a student of Ghana Telecom University who comes from kwaku in the Eastern part of Ghana.

Ampadu Ansong works with the record label known as Chambers Records. He has 3 singles to his credit namely, Hallelujah,Tina and Alone, and soon to release another amazing single. Growing up in the capital city, he was exposed to the vibrant and diverse entertainment scene that characterizes Accra.


This early exposure ignited his passion for the arts. Throughout his schooling years, Ampadu Ansong displayed natural talent in hosting and entertaining, captivating his peers and teachers with his charisma and quick-witted humor.

Stream his song below

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