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Watch Video: Nursing student threatens to kill patients, claiming her parents made her.



Watch Video: Nursing student threatens to kill patients, claiming her parents made her.

A young Ghanaian woman who claims to be a nursing student who will soon begin working as a nurse has vowed to kill patients on purpose since her parents forced her into the field.

In a chilling video posted on Metro TV’s Facebook page, the woman in the green uniform and light-blue headscarf is shown urging prospective patients to escape for their life whenever they see her in any hospital they visit.

“I don’t want to be a nurse, but my family said I should study nursing, soon! I will start working, so any patient who comes to meet me should run away or I kill them,” the alleged nursing student said in a local dialect, as translated by a narrator.

The video has caused fear among Ghanaians and sparked a variety of responses. While some have called for her identification and arrest, others have suggested that she may have created the video purely for amusement and attention.

The threat from the lady has rekindled discussions on the need to protect people’s right to pick their careers without being coerced into occupations they do not want to engage in.

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It’s unknown which nursing school the woman attends or whether the appropriate authorities have heard about her threat.

She omitted to mention the career she had intended to pursue before her parents forced her to abandon it and enter the nursing field against her choice.


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Próstitute Exposes Angel Obinim – Shatana Releases Evidence





Just a few weeks ago, news came out that popular man of God, Angel Obinim has allowed prostitutes to hawk infront of his church. It was also alleged that these prostitutes rented apartments owned by the man of God, and that the said building was a stone’s throw from his church, International God’s Way Church, East Legon branch close to School Junction.

The reporter of the story, Shatana, a musician shared a video where she was at the premises, angrily sacking these purported prostitutes from the place of God because it was not right. Upon further probing into the case, Shatana alleged that the prostitutes confessed that they paid a rent fee of 2,000 cedis every month to their landlord, Bishop Daniel Obinim, and that gave them every right and effrontery to ply their trade in front of the church.

Replying to the news, Angel Obinim refuted all the above claims, and rendered them null and void. He even dared Shatana to provide evidence to that effect.

Shatana who seemed not ready to back down from the case took it to another level. She said in an interview on Kingdom FM, monitored by that all that she said in the video regarding the case was nothing but the truth and she had substantial evidences to buttress it. She further threatened that she was going to drop the evidence she gathered on the case since Angel Obinim has dared her.

True to her word, Shatana has released the said evidence in a form of video on her Instagram page today. In the video, an alleged prostitute who claims to be a tenant in one of the apartments owned by Angel Obinim, and hawks in front of the church’s premises is seen confirming the wild claims laid by Shatana.

Watch the video from below.

[Watch Video Here]

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S3x shame hits Benkum SHS as video leaks




S3x shame hits Benkum SHS as video leaks

Some students have accused some teachers at Benkum Senior High School (SHS) in the Eastern Region of engaging in sexual activity with them.

The sexual encounter between a student and one of the teachers was captured on camera, and it has already leaked, creating stress in the typically tranquil school setting.

Others involved in the affair have begun speaking out due to mistrust and displays of power. Three teachers were allegedly implicated in the scandal.

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The Akropong Police Command has been notified of the incident, and an investigation is proceeding.

The English teacher, one of the teachers implicated, had his or her income stopped when the Akuapem North District and Eastern Regional Education Office formed a committee to look into the situation.

When approached, Isaac Bannie, one of the professors who was reportedly engaged, denied any involvement. He said that he was actually the student’s family and not a buddy.

Officials at the Police command and the Office of Education verified the scandal.

Mr. Nyarkoh, the school’s headmaster, disclosed that an investigation is being conducted.

The English instructor, Emmanuel Darkoh Mensah, is rumored to have expressed regret to the authorities for the scandal at this time. He is now concerned about death threats after the incident.

My apology

I acknowledge my cowardice. Yes, my actions were motivated by cowardice. The fact that my income was blocked in this extremely challenging economic climate we are currently experiencing, along with the subsequent loss of my work, made me feel insecure and made me waspish, which led me to behave in that way.

In my opinion, the girl destroyed me, so I wanted to make amends. However, my retaliation was excessive and even brought the school’s name, teachers, and even students into disrepute. I pray to God to obliterate every painful indelible memory my action has caused everyone involved in this mess.

Yes, I let a schoolgirl drag me down, and now I take every insult and slur that is thrown my way because that is just how life is.

No, I’m not doing this to appease the authorities so they may help me get my job back—highly that’s unlikely—but rather to let everyone know how sorry I am for my absolutely absurd behavior.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I feel worthless right now, like my life isn’t worth even a broken kitchen pot.

I made a mistake, so I humbly ask for everyone’s pardon, especially the teachers involved. I’ve behaved in a childish manner and tarnished the school’s reputation.

The Adwoa family (not real name) are threatening to kill me, which is, of course the bitterest punishment because I think even incarceration isn’t enough for me, death is.

And I really apologize to Mr. Nyarkoh, the headmaster, for creating this mess. I apologize for acting so foolishly after allowing my emotions to make my judgment faulty.

Finally, I want to state once more that my behavior is awful, deplorable, untenable, unethical, absurd, and unfitting, and it merits all criticism and censure.

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