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Prophet Kofi Oduro Sends A Strong Message To All UEW Students



Prophet Kofi Oduro Sends A Strong Message To All UEW Students

Alabaster International Ministry’s founder, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has responded to the unfortunate accident that killed three students of the University of Education, Winneba, in the central region.

Prophet Oduro voiced his concern and empathy for the students on the bus when speaking to his church members this morning. He continued by saying that many people, including pastors, have died on this particular section of the road. He prayed for God to watch over the students.

Having stated so, the man of God disclosed that he will always urge the university to turn from its faults whenever he has the opportunity to address them.

He continued by saying that it was time for students around the nation to live righteously and by God’s principles. He believed that no one could predict the future and that the way to a long life, excellent health, and eternal life was to accept God as one’s savior.

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“I won’t tell you that you will receive a double share when I have the chance to speak at the university in Winneba. I’ll tell you to turn to God and make amends because he’s going to judge the world justly, truthfully, and justly. I will tell you to repent and make it right with God because he is coming to judge the world with righteousness, truth, and justice. I will ask them if they are born again and make sure they are born again in righteousness” he said

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This follows an accident that injured several others and lost the lives of a lecturer and three female students of the university on Friday in the Eastern area. On their way to an expedition at Mountain Afadjato, the victims were students from the university’s Early Grade and Childhood Development program.

According to reports, the motorist lost control and went off the road and into some vegetation. The university is currently in a state of grief. May peace be granted to their souls.

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Mightily Miracles recorded as Apostle Johnson Suleman storms South America with Jesus Christ




In recent times, the global Christian community has witnessed a remarkable wave of miracles, signs, and wonders, all credited to the popular renowned Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide. As if a tsunami of divine intervention, Apostle Suleman has taken South America, particularly Venezuela, by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the people.

The mega crusade in Venezuela, aptly themed “Power As Of Old” #Intimacy2024, became the perfect platform for Apostle Suleman to showcase the power and glory of Jesus Christ.

The event, which attracted thousands of worshipers, witnessed awe-inspiring, supernatural occurrences that left the Venezuelan crowd astounded. The testimonies of the people were filled with expressions of awe and amazement, as they exclaimed, “We have not seen these before – mighty miracles, signs, and wonders as of bible days.”

This display of God’s power through Apostle Suleman’s ministration resonated deeply with the attendees, who eagerly sought divine intervention in their lives. The atmosphere was charged with fervor and faith, as Apostle Suleman’s powerful sermons and prayers ignited the hearts of the people, instilling in them a renewed sense of hope and belief in the miraculous through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ

Watch Video:

Nigerians reacts at Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Humanitarian Gesture in Venezuela 🇻🇪

@James_samson says “9ja Bloggers will not see this one to blog, always negative and toxic, Apostle Johnson Suleman is indeed a world figure for real”.

says “This is what true Christianity should be about, we’re so proud of you Apostle as you’re taking Nigeria’s flag across the globe for good”.


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Apateim Methodist Basic School Receives Learning Materials From The Shidaa Foundation




The Shidaa Foundation led by Canada-based Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. Roland Akwensivie has donated learning materials to Apateim Methodist Basic School in the Nzema East Municipal in the Western region.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, the foundation donated an electric wheelchair, reading books, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, binders, colored pencils and crayons, calculators, mathematical sets, and school bags.

In an interview with Wyse Brain of Wyse Promotions, Mr Roland Akwensivie disclosed the reasons why he chose Apateim for this particular donation.

“Apateim was identified as an area with a significant need for educational support. This was based on factors such as economic conditions, access to educational resources, and the number of underserved children in the community. The foundation identified Apateim as an area where the donations would have the most impact”, he said.

He also appealed to the general public to support the Shidaa Foundation.

“The Shidaa Foundation welcomes support from individuals and organizations to help advance its mission of empowering underserved youth and improving education. Contributions can take various forms including donations, in-kind donations, volunteering, partnerships, advocacy, sponsorship, and community engagement”, he added.

The mission of The Shidaa Foundation is to advance education and empower underserved youth to reach their full potential. The foundation is dedicated to providing educational support, resources, and opportunities to children in need, ensuring that they have the tools to succeed in their academic journeys.

The vision of The Shidaa Foundation is to create a brighter future by making education accessible and igniting hope in underserved communities. The foundation aspires to touch the lives of as many children as possible, kindling their love for learning and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed. It envisions a world where education is a transformative force, breaking down barriers and empowering youth to realize their dreams.

See photos below

[Watch Photos Here]

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