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A WOMAN: IN THE EYE OF A MAN – By Counsellor Daniel Fenyi



The biggest mistake of women today is making the man appear the standard of life. They go about insulting themselves with the empty cliché “what men can do, women can do better” as if the measure of a better, is the good a man can do. The day the average woman realises her “full” worth, she will be mightier than the mightiest man.

*In the eye of the man, the woman just knows it.* Very strangely, a husband or son can confidently walk to his wife or mother and ask if she has seen his belt, socks, watch, and even comb, as if he uses them with her. You know why? He thinks a woman just knows it. That’s a woman’s power; in the absence of any idea, the world thinks she knows.

*In the eye of the man, the woman is a weaker vessel.* Yes, naturally, the man is physically stronger, or at least supposed to be, than the woman. This is almost undebatable. However, this perception ends at the physical construction. Most women think men see them as weaker intellectually, professionally and academically hence they live to prove the men wrong. Don’t reduce the whole essence of life to proving someone wrong. If you are good, just live it!

*In the eye of the man, the woman manages the home.* While men pursue various MBA degrees to know management, women naturally grow with management. A woman knows what, when, how and where to put, say or do what. People are paying millions of dollars to learn these in school. Unfortunately, “ignorant feminists” go about telling young women not to “keep” the home but share the duties with their man.

In the eye of the man, a woman’s instinct works like magic.No serious man jokes with the intuition of the woman. When a woman says, “I feel we should…”, the most intelligent man hides his wits. But, only a few women harness this spiritual invaluable gift. And rather walk around deceiving themselves that men don’t respect them.

*In the eye of the man, a woman is a source of joy.* A woman is pleasant to behold. She is the most adorable of all God’s creation and the reason most men are hustling. Man feels very fulfilled when his efforts impress or please the woman. Nothing gets the man swollen-headed than a woman applauding him.

*In the eye of the man, a woman can cause his downfall or success.* The strongest man is extremely careful around the woman. There are many evidences of “mighty” men who fell or have fallen due to their (mis) association with women. Many other men can equally testify that their affiliation with a woman has taken them up to the status they find themselves in life today.

*In the eye of the man, a successful woman is mostly arrogant.* Some men get scared when their partner is rising because they feel she might turn arrogant or proud. This seems partially true, but it’s not a feminine thing. Success naturally makes people sometimes “overly confident” in themselves, which if not tamed, can excalate into pride.

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Qilansar: Revolutionizing The Way Services Are Accessed






In a world where convenience and efficiency are paramount, Qilansar emerges as a leading online platform, revolutionizing the way people access services. With its seamless user experience, extensive network of skilled professionals, and commitment to exceptional customer service, Qilansar is transforming the service industry landscape. This article delves into the innovative features, remarkable growth, and positive impact that Qilansar is making on service seekers and providers alike.

Streamlining Service Access

Qilansar offers a user-friendly platform that connects customers with a wide range of services, ranging from home maintenance and personal wellness to education, pet care, events, virtual assistance, and beauty and wellness. Gone are the days of scouring different platforms or relying on word-of-mouth recommendations. With Qilansar, users can effortlessly browse through a diverse network of verified service providers and book appointments with just a few clicks. The platform’s intuitive interface and streamlined booking process prioritize convenience and save users valuable time and energy.

Quality Assurance and Accountability

One of Qilansar’s key differentiators is its commitment to quality assurance and accountability. Every service provider on the platform undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that customers can trust the professionals they hire. Moreover, Qilansar encourages users to leave reviews and ratings, promoting transparency and helping others make informed decisions. This feedback system fosters a community of trust, motivating service providers to maintain high standards of service excellence.

Driving Growth and Empowering Service Providers

Qilansar’s impact extends beyond the convenience it offers customers. The platform also plays a pivotal role in empowering service providers and helping them expand their reach. By joining Qilansar’s network, professionals gain access to a larger customer base and the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise. This exposure enables service providers to grow their businesses, establish their reputations, and enhance their professional profiles. Qilansar’s dedication to supporting service providers is a testament to its commitment to fostering a thriving community of skilled professionals.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Qilansar recognizes the importance of leveraging technology to enhance the service experience. The platform is continually investing in cutting-edge tools and features to improve user interactions and simplify processes. From secure and reliable payment systems to personalized search options and dedicated customer support channels, Qilansar combines innovation with user-centric design to deliver an unparalleled service marketplace.

Downloading The Qilansar Application

To access the seamless services offered by Qilansar, customers can download the Qilansar app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Qilansar.” Once you find the app, click the download button and wait for the installation to complete. The Qilansar app provides a convenient and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to effortlessly browse services, book appointments, and manage their service requests on the go.


Qilansar’s emergence as a leading online platform for service access signals a significant shift in how people engage with service providers. By providing a seamless user experience, prioritizing quality assurance and accountability, empowering service providers, and embracing technological advancements, Qilansar is redefining the service industry landscape. Whether customers require home maintenance, personal wellness, education, pet care, events, virtual assistance, or beauty and wellness services, Qilansar offers a one-stop solution. As the platform continues to expand and evolve, it is poised to transform the lives of service seekers and providers, making access to high-quality services more convenient and efficient than ever before.

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CEO/Lead Designer Of McParry Designs Wins Best Graphic Designer Award




Michael Asiamah popularly known as Michael Parry or Mr Parry is the CEO/Lead Designer of McParry Designs Consult established in the year 2020 and located in Ghana – Kumasi that provides designs and digital solutions for individuals and businesses.

He is a multi-disciplinary designer who has churned out great and eye – catchy designs in the past and recent years.

Together with his amazing team he has made McParry Designs Consult become one of the notable creative design Agencies that works with professionalism and delivers great works in Ghana.

In the recent edition of Leadership Conference and Business Honors held at Hi-Table event center in Madina-Accra, he was honored as the Best Graphic designer of the year 2023. This honor can be attributed to the marvelous creative design works he has executed in the past years and the year under review.


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