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A WOMAN: IN THE EYE OF A MAN – By Counsellor Daniel Fenyi



The biggest mistake of women today is making the man appear the standard of life. They go about insulting themselves with the empty cliché “what men can do, women can do better” as if the measure of a better, is the good a man can do. The day the average woman realises her “full” worth, she will be mightier than the mightiest man.

*In the eye of the man, the woman just knows it.* Very strangely, a husband or son can confidently walk to his wife or mother and ask if she has seen his belt, socks, watch, and even comb, as if he uses them with her. You know why? He thinks a woman just knows it. That’s a woman’s power; in the absence of any idea, the world thinks she knows.

*In the eye of the man, the woman is a weaker vessel.* Yes, naturally, the man is physically stronger, or at least supposed to be, than the woman. This is almost undebatable. However, this perception ends at the physical construction. Most women think men see them as weaker intellectually, professionally and academically hence they live to prove the men wrong. Don’t reduce the whole essence of life to proving someone wrong. If you are good, just live it!

*In the eye of the man, the woman manages the home.* While men pursue various MBA degrees to know management, women naturally grow with management. A woman knows what, when, how and where to put, say or do what. People are paying millions of dollars to learn these in school. Unfortunately, “ignorant feminists” go about telling young women not to “keep” the home but share the duties with their man.

In the eye of the man, a woman’s instinct works like magic.No serious man jokes with the intuition of the woman. When a woman says, “I feel we should…”, the most intelligent man hides his wits. But, only a few women harness this spiritual invaluable gift. And rather walk around deceiving themselves that men don’t respect them.

*In the eye of the man, a woman is a source of joy.* A woman is pleasant to behold. She is the most adorable of all God’s creation and the reason most men are hustling. Man feels very fulfilled when his efforts impress or please the woman. Nothing gets the man swollen-headed than a woman applauding him.

*In the eye of the man, a woman can cause his downfall or success.* The strongest man is extremely careful around the woman. There are many evidences of “mighty” men who fell or have fallen due to their (mis) association with women. Many other men can equally testify that their affiliation with a woman has taken them up to the status they find themselves in life today.

*In the eye of the man, a successful woman is mostly arrogant.* Some men get scared when their partner is rising because they feel she might turn arrogant or proud. This seems partially true, but it’s not a feminine thing. Success naturally makes people sometimes “overly confident” in themselves, which if not tamed, can excalate into pride.

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